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Although Rivka Sinclair’s paintings are based on real places, the work is very imaginative and is done mainly from memory, which gives it a special evocative quality.
“Fragments from my memory; the sea, cypress trees, white shimmering houses, forgotten-remembered landscapes... Jerusalem appears as a city in a dream, elusive and remote...I find these images haunting and stimulating.”
A visit to Malta in 1973, provided the inspiration for a series of screen prints, which depicted the essence of the place in semi-abstract images.
An exhibition of this work attracted the attention of John Kyle, a well known expert in the field of screen printing, who wrote an article about it in the magazine “American Screen Printing”.
This article paved the way for greater recognition in London art circles.
Many exhibitions followed, including a solo exhibition in the Barbican Centre, which attracted very favourable responses from art critics ( “Arts Review” and others), who found the work unusual and striking.

Rivka was born in Haifa and grew up in Jerusalem, a place that continues to be a source of inspiration for her. She studied in several art schools, both in Jerusalem and London, but considers herself mainly self-taught.
Rivka likes to experiment in different styles, sometimes combining mixed media, pastel and collage in order to get textural effects, greater freedom and spontaneity in her work.
However, the preoccupation with mood, timelessness and the poetic element of the place has persisted through the years.
Rivka taught screen printing and art to adults in London and contributed to a book on watercolours techniques published by Annes Publishing Press Ltd.
She has had many solo exhibitions, some of her “Memory “ images were published by Christie’s Contemporary Art, and her work is in many private and public collections.